Archangel Raphael - Healing Green Circle

The Archangel Raphael is the angel of Healing. He serves to heal our physicla and mental disorder to regain harmony, and to restore the wholeness that we originally have. He is said to be the patron saint of medical people and also to be the guardian angel of travellers.

This attunment concerns the healing, and it is designed not to heal your physical body, but to heal your mind.

Our minds are the basis for all activities we take in our daily lives. If our minds are damaged or fatigued, our physical bodies are also affected. Mental disorder, no matter how serious or mild it may be, is found to be common today. You don't need much care if it is some very slight mental disorder that might be cured in a few weeks. But when you have been distressed for days or a week, you should take it seriously. It is because your mental fatigue damages your physical condition and the damaged physical condition also affects your mental condition badly, which sometimes creates vicious circle.

This attunement tries to remove negative energies kept in your mind, and heal your mental bruise and fatigue. When you hear harsh words in your school or office, or when you feel exhausted without specific reason, and whenever you think you need healing, it is the time to use this attunement. Probably you might feel that the burden would be lifted or your heart lightened.

To use this attunement, you might need practice first. But if you get familiar with this energy, you can use it at the moment when you think of it. Therefore, you will get the way to cope with various mental stresses without beging noticed by others.

And this attuement can be applied not only to yourself, but also to other people. Generally you need permission to heal others. But if you are in the situation where you can not ask for his/her permission, you can tell your request to Archangel Raphael and ask him to do what he can do.

This attunement is not intended to heal the disease that needs medical care. It only removes the negative energies kept in your mind. I hope it will help you to cope with stressful lives and to find a way to relieve the burdens.

Attunement name:Archangel Raphael - Healing Green Circle
Founder:Shino Aotsuki
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