Archangel Michael - Sword of Justice

Archagel Michael is known to be the conqueror of darkness and to be the angel that has the power to dispel negative entities and restore light in the darkness. In many countries, he is recognized as the guardian angel of the police and the army.

The power of Archangel Michael to dispel negative energy has already been utilized in various ways such as prayers, affirmations and attunements. The attunemet that I introduce here also asks Archangel Michael to give us protection by utilizing the power of this kind.

This attunement was given by Archangel Michael when I was exhausted and fatigued by persistent psychic attacks. As created in such a situation, it took an unique approach to protect us from psychic attacks.

First, it shields you with very powerful protective energy to shut out negative energies sent from someone or somewhere. This shield is one of the most powerful shields I have ever known.

Yet, not every attack can be protected by a shild even if the shield is very powerful. It is true that shielding you with some protective energy is a good way to guard yourself, but it becomes useless if the attacker can open a backdoor to penetrate the shield in some ways that you are not aware of.

That is the reason why this attunement is created. In this method, you can protect yourself or others not only with the shield to shut out negative energies, but also by asking Archangel Michael to search the source of the attacks and to deal with the attacker or the reason you are attacked. Therefore, with this method, you would be able to defend yourself from the psychic attacks more appropriately than with an ordinary method that uses only a protective shield.

I think this method is particularly useful when you are psychically attacked by someone who is unreasonably hostile to you or who is sending you psychic attacks so often and persistently. And it is also helpful when you are not in good health and very vulnerable to the psychic attacks.

I myself was using this method a few times in a day. Many times I felt the attack ceased at the moment when I used this method. And some users reported that they had the same experience.

On the contrary, you might not think this method works very well when the psychic attack is very weak or occurs only sporadically. If you are in such a situation, it would be better to use other attunements you have already been familiar with.

At the bottom of this manual, I added a note in which I described what you should do in your daily life when you are psychically attacked. I believe this note will help you much.

Attunement name:Archangel Michael - Sword of Justice
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