I have published several attunements written in Japanese and a few of them were translated into English.

Free attunements

Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto (First Stage)

Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto is the god of the Moon in Japanese myth, entrusted with the power to rule the realms of the night. He is also known as one of the three pillars of noble children, his elder sister is Amaterasu-omi-kami and his junior brother is Susanoo-no-mikoto.

In "Kojiki", the ancient chronicles of Japan, he is the god ruling over the night time, while in "Nihon shoki", another chronicles of ancient Japan, he is the god concerning the tides of oceans.

In this attunement, three methods are introduced: first method uses a cup of water to purify your heart, second method uses the power of the New Moon to help you attain your goal, third method uses the power of the Full Moon to assist you to have further insights into your life and being. (PDF:83kB)

Tsukuyomi no mikoto (Second Stage)

In this document, two attunements are introduced to heal yourself and heal your stones. (PDF:84kB)

Elemental Reiki

Healing Art Forms

Other free attunements

Non-free attunements

Archangel Michael - Sword of Justice

This attunement was given by Archangel Michael when I was exhausted and fatigued by persistent psychic attacks. As created in such a situation, it takes an unique approach to protect us from psychic attacks.

See the details.

Archangel Raphael - Healing Green Circle

Archangel Raphael gave this attunment. It is designed to heal you, but it focuses on healing your mind.

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