About myself

Hi. My name is Shino Aotsuki. I was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in divination, and using tarot cards. After graduation, I was working as an accountant and doing divination to entertain friends. But to my surprise, the friends brought me others to pay my divination. When I was in the thirties, I found I had the ability to use crystal balls to do divinaion, which delighted me so much because I had adored crystal gazers from my childhood.

Now I am working as a professional crystal gazer or scryer in Japan. I also have become aware of my ability to commmunicate with spirits, so I have published several free and non-free attunements related to the Japanese gods and goddesses and the Archangels. You will find them on my web site at or see

Things I like:

  • Tarot cards, I have been collecting tarot and oracle cards.
  • Tea, drinking everyday with milk and without milk.
  • Visiting shrines, there are thousands in Japan.
  • Ancient History, about china, greece, egypt, india, europe, japan
  • Mythology, norse, celtic, mediterranean, asian, indian, etc
  • Video Games, nintendo, sony, sega, pc games, etc.
  • Katana, I am fascinated by the Japanese sword "Crescent Moon Munechika", which was forged by the master bladesmith "Munechika Sanjo" in the 10-11 century. When I was a child, I found a picture of the sword on a book, which gave me a lasting impression. Many years later I went to the Tokyo National Museum and saw it with my own eyes. It's the most beautiful sword ever I've seen.
  • Calculators, there is a war in Japan between Casio calculator lovers versus Sharp calculator lovers. I am on the Casio's side, fighting for almost 20 years. May the force be with you!
  • Stationary, there are lots of them around my desk, pens, ball-pointed pens, highlighters, staplers, scissors, rulers, and diaries.
  • Computer freeware and shareware, as a stationary for computer, I love checking out new computer freeware and shareware and collecting and sometimes reviewing them.
  • Minerals, I am very happy with my crystals, minerals and rocks. My most favorite is Moonstone.
  • Books, I like Albert Camus, Conan Doyle, Faye Kellerman, Jean-Henri Fabre, Maurice Leblanc, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov etc.

I have just finished learning the FSP4 in 2012 at the Japanese bureau of Magic School of "The Dolphin Star Temple", founded by Amorah Quan Yin (see Amorah's page). This tought me a lot, not only about the multiple techniques of spiritual healing, but also deeper understanding of the spiritual sphere.

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